Wednesday, June 24, 2009

You’ve Been Sentenced

You’ve Been Sentenced by McNeill Designs for Brighter Minds is an award winning family party game for ages 8+ and 3-10 players where players attempt to score the most points creating sentences. It is also a useful language arts and math game that develops vocabulary, grammar, and addition skills. Click lesson plan for a sample that can be used with grades 6-12 but can also be easily adapted for grades 3rd and up.

What is most unique about the game is that the pentagon shaped cards provides different uses/tenses of words that need to be combined to make a correct and justifiable sentence. For example, the word ‘travel’ is also ‘travels’, ‘traveled’, ‘traveling’, and ‘traveler’. Other cards list conjunctions and proper nouns of people and places.

The more words you use, the more points you score. The player with the most points wins after so many rounds. The rules are very simple and easy to play as you can see with this video:

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